The Soldier

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Washington Monument

A couple weeks ago I was running on the national mall and what I saw made me think twice about my actions. As I was approaching the Washington Monument, a soldier was walking along the path, and as I came close, he turned and picked up a piece of trash. This simple action made me think . . . How many times has the wind taken a bag or a napkin from my hand and I didn’t run after it?

A man who cares so much about his nation that he would not only risk his life to defend it, but would also pick up trash to take care of its Capitol. Not his trash, but someone else’s! It was polluting a place he cared about. His dedication made me think . . . what do I care about . . . me, my family, God . . . what would I do for them?

The thought this incident brought to me was . . . I am just living my life. I often say, I am taking one day at a time, but maybe this has become an excuse, an excuse to be complacent. I keep putting things off and think one day it will be easier. But I need instead to find a passion, something I would go anywhere to do and would do anything for. My challenge is to counter complacency in my life. The little things matter and the very smallest of actions, count.



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