Thankful For the Little Things

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It has been a rough day. I was supposed to fly home from Florida today and, because of a car wreck, I missed my flight. As it would happen, the airport was small and I would not be able to leave today. I had a… MELT DOWN.  However, as I was standing in the airport, I thought… be grateful for little things.  I then realized how blessed I truly am.

  • I was not in the car wreck.
  • I will get to spend another day with my cousin.
  • The nice supervisor transferred my ticket for free.

 These were the obvious things. Then I thought of the not so obvious.

  • I am able to travel.
  • While I will rush, I won’t miss critical events.
  • I will not be in the airport all night.
  • I have air-conditioning.

 Everything could have been worse.

    I also know that God has everything happen for a reason. It may be crazy and I may never know why, but this does not mean I have to be crabby and complaining. I realized the difference these little things can make when talking to the airline ticketing supervisor. The moment I said, “Thank you for your help,” his face change. He looked shocked. I realized there are multiple people that missed their flight, crabby, upset and worried and the fact that someone could be thankful was unusual. This challenges me: be thankful for little things, look beyond the surface. It is not enough to be resigned, we have to embrace the situation and bring the best out of it. Be thankful for all the little things in your life and your situation. It sure beats melting down.

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