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A Testimony is “an open acknowledgment or a public profession of religious experience.”  For many years I thought that a testimony was only about when I first came to know the Lord, when I made my confession of faith.  Recently, I have been brought to the understanding that a testimony is not just about that one time, but anytime that we see God working in our lives.

At church and in my small group we have been discussing the power in sharing our testimonies.  Many people are scared to share what they have been through, to be that open. In the church today, we share our edited testimonies.  We share what has been good, the beauty of our lives, but we don’t share the struggles.  It is important to realized that each testimony is as different as each person and each is powerful in a different way.  No matter how small or insignificant we think we are, the truth is we have power in the Lord.

It is time that we share our testimonies.  Time to share the TESTs that we have been through.  When we share, we impact those around us, we change the lives of others.  When we step out of our comfort zone and become open about where we have been and what God has done, there is power.  God is the only one who can take our tests and our trials and turn them into something good.  He turns what we would call a difficulty into strength and power!

Challenge:   What is your testimony? Have you shared your testimony recently? Will you share it now?


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