No Excuses

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I signed up for a challenge today.  It is a challenge to workout 1500 minutes in 31 days… No Excuses.  This comes out to less than 1 hour a day, something that is doable for everyone.  But time gets away from us, we have work, school, family, a social life and then we look back and realize… it has been months since I have been to the gym. (Yes, this happened to me).

No excuses is great for working out, but it is also great for each situation in life.  When something happens, we have two options, make excuses or take action.  According to Benjamin Franklin, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

We should live each area of our life with no excuses. We push forward and get the job done.  We make time for each of the important areas of lives and each action we take is our own.  Challenge, try to live each day with NO EXCUSES.

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