Little Pieces 

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One little piece… Only one? Please? Why does it have to be only one? 

No, I am not talking about cake. I am talking about seeing the path the my future, my life. Through everything that I have done, I know that God is guiding me. However, often He only shows me one little piece. That does not make it easy. I am a planner, I want to know what I have to do today, tomorrow, this week and the next (that is a minimum!). The things is…


I have just gone through some major life changes. In the past two months I have graduated school, moved to a new city, new apartment and have a new job.  See the connection? New!! There have been so many changes in my life. 

During the months and weeks heading up to graduation I had no clue what I would be doing afterwards.  For me, this was a scary fact. I wanted to know where I would end up, what it would be like, EVERYTHING. 

I have found that while God knows the whole plan as He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, He does not always explain the details of that plan. I don’t know that this will ever be easy for me. But I also realize that my finite mind cannot hold the infinite plan of God. 

This quote by Martin Luther King really is something that I have to live. 


I don’t know where the staircase leads or even the next few steps, but all I have to do is have faith and take the step I see. It is when I look back that I see how far God has brought me and how I could not have understood everything He was and is doing for me. 

The song Step by Step by Rich Mullins summarizes my life right now. “And step by step You’ll  lead me, and I will learn to walk in Your ways!” Jesus is leading us forward. He knows the perfect way, we have to allow Him to lead to walk after Him. 

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