Good and Bad

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God is Good

“God is good”                              “All the time”

   “All the time”                               “God is good”

This is a greeting that is common among Christians.  Why do we only take this position when we are in a difficult position?  We only look to God’s plan when we are struggling.  This is something that people should change!

Through all of our lives God is in control.  When we are struggling and when we are in good times, we are in God’s plan.  From the start of our lives to the end the is plan.  I wonder… what would happen if we were to look to God even in our good times? 

I think that many of the hard times that we enter are because our selfish and prideful actions. When we are doing well we go forward not looking to God guidance.  When we run into trouble we turn and say … God fix it, you are good!

God is good, all the time… not just part of the time, ALL of it.  In good and bad, we should trust God that He knows the path that is best for our lives. Without His guidance we would be walking in the dark, hoping we find the right road.

All the time…God is Good.

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Little By Little

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Fall has arrived and the leaves on the trees are changing. Each day the color changes a little bit more. It reminds me of our lives. Little by little things change and we end up where we never expected.

These changes can be beautiful and amazing, but they can also be sad and hurtful. One way to recognize the changes is to look back. Think about where you were a year ago or 5 years ago. What is different now from then?

The opinion of others can also help to show us where we have changed. When people do not see you for a while and then they see you, the changes are more apparent to them.

The most important way to look at out lives is through the eyes of God. Psalm 26:2 says, “Examine me, O Jehovah, and prove me; try my heart and my mind.” When we ask God, He will reveal the areas to continue in and the areas we need to reconsider and divert from our current course.

In our business, school, families, habits, we have to be watching for the changes happening. Whether good or bad, we need to be aware of the changes occurring little by little.

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