Headline Goals

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What are your goals in life? How long will they last? Can they disappear? Can they be lost? 

  One of my professors was teaching about decision making and what he said stuck with me. “Is the action you are taking something you would want or at least be ok with being headline news?” Wow!! I am not sure that I would want some of my actions put on the front page. 

  I have also realized that this does not just apply to action, but inaction too. If would I want to world told what I did not do?  What might the headlines say. Haley Failed to Help Another In Need. Haley Too Preoccupied to Be Greatful. These may not be “earth shattering”, but they are not wonderful either. 

  I think everyone seeks validation and notice from others. We want people to see what we are and think we are something wonderful, talented, beautiful, smart… So many things. But what if we focused more on character. To be worth knowing, not well known. Sealing each day to set goals and live a life worthy of the headlines. 


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Start Now

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Our lives are busy, full of people, events and somedays!

WAIT… What? Somedays?

I know it sounds weird, but we go around life thinking…SOMEDAY we will do this and SOMEDAY we will do that… But I wonder, are we taking the steps towards that? Are we pursuing our dreams?

Life can get complicated and we get distracted. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and realize those somedays have not come.

We might think that we have years to accomplish our goals, but do we? The story of Josiah shows the importance of Starting Now.

“Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign; and he reigned thirty and one years in Jerusalem.” 2 Chronicles 34:1.

This one sentence may not seem important, but when we remember that kingship was for life, we add the time together and it shows Josiah died at the age of 39. Josiah was considered one of the greatest kings of Israel, he brought the city back to God.

Josiah could have easily waited to start his work… HE WAS EIGHT! But waiting was not part of Josiah’s plan. He had not reigned for long when he began to purge the city of its evil ways. If Josiah had waited until when people thought he was ready, his impact would not have been as great.

Look at today. Where do you want to be tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In five years? START NOW! It may be just a little step, but start now working towards your goals. Take action in your life which will help you achieve your dreams. Don’t wait for someday, because it may never come. Start now on your future.

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