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Dr. Seuss

I have been to many places and seen many things, from the Normandy beaches, which reminded me of those who fought for freedom, to the tropical island of Fiji where I saw God work in miraculous ways. Each new place, every new city, all the people I have met; change my life. In England I learned the value of loving my work, Africa taught me the joy of quietly observing.

If asked which was my favorite place… honestly… I couldn’t say. I loved every country I visited, each had something new and different to offer.


Often people stereotype about this country’s culture or that country’s food, but they are supposed to be different. If each place or person were the same, life would be incredible boring!

You don’t have to leave the country or even your town to find someone different than you. At school, work, the grocery store, we encounter a multitude of people. Do we stop to consider… Who are they? What is their story? What makes them unique?

I don’t understand society today, we don’t want to talk to people, we don’t want to share who we are, but we will post on Facebook or Instagram what we had for breakfast. Does this really make sense? We go around not knowing people and not caring enough to ask.

I wonder what would the world be like if we took the time to care?

If we took the time out of our day to stop and ask, what is your story?

What makes you…well…you?

I could visit every country in the world and every city each country and never find two people who were the same. Each person is unique with their own story and from each person’s story we can learn and grow. So, I would like to know.


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