The Power of a Smile

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Smile TwitterThe world can be depressing. Each day, the news reports seem to just get worse…things don’t make sense. But one thing can change it all… A Smile.

I have been learning American Sign Language and it reinforced for me how important our facial expressions are. In ASL your face can make the difference between a polite answer and a real one, your face is used to actually describe how you are feeling.

You might think that a smile cannot change anything in your life, but this simple act has an amazing effect. A friend of mine says that a smile is “A SUPERPOWER!”

Lets look a little deeper into this… Roger Dooley of Forbes magazine says, “Decades of research bear out the basic truth: your mood is elevated and your stress is reduced if you plaster a big smile on your face, even for a short period of time. (Frowns have been shown to have the opposite effect.) The smile doesn’t have to be based on real emotion — faking it works.”

It has also been shown, when we smile, other people are happier and smile more too. A smile is contagious and spreads happiness. The song When You’re Smiling really captures the impact of a smile.

Smiling Lyrics

It does not have to be a big, teeth showing smile, even a small grin works. Smiles change life, yours and others… For me, I often have to make a conscience effort to smile and when I do, my day just brightens.

Challenge: Learn the power of a smile.

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