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Synergy has many definitions and ways of explaining what this is, but I like examples. An example of synergy is: one work horse can pull 8,000 pounds and two work horses can pull not just 16,000 pounds, but 24,000 pounds. When we work together, we can accomplish more than individually.

This principle applies to all areas of our life. One area I find it is particularly helpful to have another is in my fitness. Just this morning, I knew that I should workout, but I did not feel like it. If it had not been for my aunt saying “Let’s go for a walk.” I probably would not have gone. It was hot and sticky and I was tired. The interesting thing was that later, my aunt said that without me being here to walk with her, she probably would not have gone for a walk.

Part of this is accountability, but just having a buddy to workout with makes you do so much more than you would on your own. I have been running, but I would have given up a long time ago accept for one thing. I promised a friend I would run a race with her. It is us both talking to each other that inspires us to continue.

This is just one area of my life, but in other areas of my life I have an even stronger buddy…Christ. We are told in Matthew 19:26, “‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” In any situation that we face, we have someone to help us, to work with us and make the impossible, possible. We have synergy with God.

On our own, life can be daunting and overwhelming. However, with the help of others and The Lord, we can do more than we ever thought was possible.

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