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Representative Mark Meadows and Israel Ambassador Ron Dermer
Representative Mark Meadows (left) and Ambassador Ron Dermer (right)

We in the United States live very posh lives.  How so? We live in a nation where we do not live in fear of a missile hitting our home or an attack happening everyday.

As of 11am this morning, there had already been 96 missiles fired at Israel.  Many people find this shocking.  However, this is not uncommon.  In the picture above, Israel’s ambassador is discussing with Representative Meadows the app Red Alert: Israel.  This app sends a notification each time there is a missile threat.

Each and everyday there are missiles shot at Israel and yet very few people are even away of this.  America’s support of Israel is important and it takes the people united to bring this support.

Congress represents us.  Our opinion does matter.  We must call, e-mail and talk to them about our opinion. Find your representative’s contact at

Let your representative know to Support Israel.


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