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Mountains During a Storm

Mountains During a Storm

Growing up, I lived in a hardwood rainforest. No kidding, you can check it out here. Freshman year of college, it rained so much that I wore out my brand new rain boots. So, I’ve seen a lot of rain. Why do I mention this? Well, to many people rain is just an annoyance, but there is beauty in the rain too.

Rain Brings Life

With each storm that comes through, the earth is given life. The plants are nourished and this starts the food chain. Recently when I was in Florida, I saw the beauty of Rain Lilies. These Lilies only come after deep hard rains. April showers do indeed bring May flowers.

Rain Brings Change

            Rain also signifies a change. A changes of season: the ending of winter, the beginning of summer. The rain changes the world… watch a storm, the rain makes visible things, before unseen… the wind, distance between spaces, specific light beams.

Storms are unique, the smell of rain, the fog or lighting that come too, or the slow drizzle that begs you to sit by the fire with a book. Storms change in an instant, I experienced this just yesterday. I had to run from a building to my car and in the process became completely soaked. Two minutes down the road, it was like someone flipped a switch… the rain stopped. It was truly amazing.

Rain Cleanses

As the drops fall from the sky, the earth is cleansed and the air is purified. The dirt is washed away and the pollen grounded and swept away too. It is often after the rain that allergies start to subside. It is like the earth “takes a shower”.

Hosea 6:3

English Standard Version “Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”

Christ is like rain… Jesus gave His life and in that process, we were cleansed, changed and given new life. Some people go around life thinking that Christ and Christianity are just a nuisance, rules to follow, condemnation, in general, unpleasant. But the gift he gave saved the world although many overlook it. Just like the rain, the beauty is present to those who look. Cleansed of sin, changed into His heirs, given eternal life with Him.


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