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I was looking through my Facebook page the other day (trying to find a picture) and I realized… the is not everything. It got me thinking. We look at other peoples lives, in fact, we are constantly engaged… TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TUMBLER, YOUTUBE… smart phones keep us constantly connected. But do we really know what is happening in our friends’ lives?


We see only what they want to share. The trials, the hard times, the deep inner feelings are not usually share on social media. I know that I don’t. The posts and conversations on social media are usually there to make a point or to show how popular we are or that we have a significant other. My Facebook page is a combination of picture when I have my makeup on, BIG life events, things that made me look hard working or fun loving. Even when I look at my Facebook I am like WOW! I live a fun, crazy, event filled life. Honestly, I love having fun, I love being crazy, I love going places. But you don’t see the other side either. Social media does not the struggles, the times I have been hurt, when I am lonely, when I am scared. Social media show the highlights.

We have reach a point in our society we are so connected we are disconnected. We “know every little thing” but we don’t know anything. We don’t talk to our friends, we don’t write letters, the “How are you?” is only because you feel it’s polite. We think we know, so we don’t engage, we don’t take the time to care. It is easier that way, to not know the burdens of others, but that is what we as friends are supposed to do. Galatians 6:2 says “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” This is not a one way street, everyone needs to be real. Everyone needs to share their struggles.

Along with this, I actually think that most of our real struggles should NOT be shared on social media. (It turns into a my life is worse than yours, that is not what I am encouraging). Struggles should be share with your friends. Reach out and talk to someone, take that first step. It is hard to ask and it hard to share, but sharing a burden makes it lighter. We need to make a change in our society. We need to live real lives, full lives, complete lives. We need to stop only living the highlights.

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