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Happy      I had a conversation yesterday with an older gentleman and he said something that really struck me. He said that we should not get all caught up in the go, go, go of America. He said to take time to enjoy life and to do what makes you happy. Now this idea is not so radical, but look at America… We try to live the American Dream, we try to have the prefect little family in a perfect little home, we have a duty to do this, that, and the other… We rush around in pursuit of “the dream”. But I wonder… could we be giving up our real dreams to make money, to get where we are told we are supposed to be”.

                I have been blessed to have parents who support me in everything I do, encouraged to do what makes me happy. I have been blessed, to do what makes me happy. But even now, I feel the pressures of the world saying to get a job, make money. We know that happiness cannot be bought, but we have to choose to do what actually makes us happy, makes our lives fulfilling. The phrase “Happy, Happy, Happy” has been made popular by Phil Robertson on the Duck Dynasty. Some might believe his money makes him happy, but it seems to me that his happiness comes from trusting God and choosing to do what makes him happy. Maybe he’s on to something…

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