Don’t Worry

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Disney Don't WorryThere are many things that I worry about… have I put enough work into my task?  Am I missing something?  What if I fail?   In the different situations in life, we fret about what might be or what might have been if we had done it differently.  Worry, Worry, Worry, it had become a normal part of our lives.

Today at church, my pastor was talking about when we worry, he said, we start to tell God how big our problem is.  This is so true, I come to prayer thinking of all that could go wrong, all the issues that have to be overcome and all the work that I have to do.  However, my pastor continued and said, “We need to start telling our problem how big our God is.”


This struck home.  We serve a God who is bigger than everything, He created the universe and He cares about us.  Revelation 22:13 tells us about God, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  Our Lord is before and after all things, why should we worry for one moment about our lives, He has it all in control.
Corrie Worry

The life that we have been given is a gift. Our past, our present and our future are all in the Makers hands. I feel that Christ speaks to each one of us and says, “Don’t worry, I gave you life, I gave you everything you have. Trust in me.”

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