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Don't know

There is power in saying you Don’t Know.  We often try to be the best, the smartest, the brightest.  However, understanding can come from admitting certain knowledge is not in your possession.  If we do not admit that we don’t know certain things, first off, our friends would not like us and second, we would not learn more.

Each person has a unique perspective and even the exact same things will be seen differently by different people.  With each of these viewpoints comes different knowledge. Admitting that we don’t know opens doors to connections and shared experiences with other people.  To learn about new things, to expand our minds.

Saying that we don’t possess certain knowledge can be hard, at least it is for me, but to make that admission can change your life and the experiences that you have.  Rethink what you do and don’t know and never be afraid to admit this information.


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