Child Joy

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Ruby with Flower

Child Joy

At times it seems this world has become almost jaded and dark, the technology that has made “anything possible” has also blinded us.  We hustle and bustle around, we are constantly surrounded by noise and commotion.  We forget the simple beauties: flowers, rainbows, the night’s stars…

Here is a picture of pure joy: child joy.   This little girl does not have the same problems we do, she is completely happy at the sight of that flower.  Her joy does not stop there, but it spreads to her mother, to me, and to you.  She is looking at what is around her, she notices little things and this brings her joy.

I hope that we can take the time to enjoy what is around us: a well-built building, a piece of art, the sound of a rushing river, or even the silence.  In the bustling city or in the far out countryside, there is beauty and in the beauty, we can find joy.  I share these because, as I notice the little things, my joy becomes greater.  I saw this Cardinal sitting in a brush pile and thankfully was able to snap a picture, this spot of Red against the grey backdrop brightened my whole day.

Cardinal  I feel that this idea goes even further than a joyful moment at the sight of something pretty.  Corrie ten Boom said, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” We can never get somewhere that God does not care for us, this is the wellspring of joy.  His love is so beautiful and the fact that He gives it to us, can bring joy to any situation.  This is made even more impactful by the story of Corrie ten Boom’s life.  She found joy in a place that almost everyone saw as hopeless, the love of Christ was her Hiding Place.

We have many things that are beautiful surrounding us on a daily basis. We can have the joy of a child at the simple pleasures of life.  However, there is a greater joy than the temporary pleasures of this world – the eternal love of our Father God. No matter what trials we are facing, He is beauty in a dark world, He is joy, hope and life.



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