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S'moresWe hustle and bustle all day long, we work, we go to school, we do chores, we go out.  Sometimes I even forget to breath!! This weekend, I have been able to take some time off with my family.  We started the fall season early, a fire, s’mores, rainy days and hot coffee (and tea).  If you can’t tell already, I love fall… I love all the seasons, but the fall lends itself to more family times.  There are many holidays (which are fun), but for me it is the weather cooling and the nights lengthening which brings us together.

Our society has started to drift apart.  We live in apartment buildings with hundreds of other people and we know few, if any, of them.  I remember as a child knowing every person in our neighbor hood and if we were an egg short for a recipe we would run over an ask.  But this has changed, we each want to be independent and to not be a burden.  We are missing the fun and company of many people.

Maybe it will take some planning and getting used to, but explore the possibility of bring people together.  Get to know your neighbors, spend quality time with your family, shut down the technology and put away the work.  The fellowship and fun to be found in the company of others is one of the precious moments of life.

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