Big, Little Moments

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There are Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred seconds in each day. Each of these seconds is a moment in time that will never come again. Each of these seconds could be our last. I don’t mean this to sound morbid, but life is uncertain, a car wreck, natural disaster or other event could occur at any moment. Some people have said to think about what you would do if you knew it was your last day, but this allows for planning out actions. The questions I ask myself are… What if this moment was my last? Would I be happy the way I spent my time?

I came to realize that I will not know when my life will end and which moment will be my last. The challenge that I want to take on is to live each moment “fully there”. What I mean by this is take the time to commit. If you are with friends, be with your friends, don’t be on Facebook too or text everyone else you know, focus on that point in time. I am not saying you cannot multitask or that you should ignore your surroundings, but focus on the present, be all there.

Especially today in the world of technology, we never have to disconnect. We have a million distractions pulling at us from each direction. “Buy This!” “Eat Here!” “You Need Help!” All of these stimuli distract us from our situation. You may never know what that time means to someone or even to yourself. However, you may look back and realize, those outings with a friend, the reading a book by the fire, or even the time spent on a work project, those are the little moments with big impact.

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